Aluminum vs. Vinyl Windows: Which is Better for Southwest Florida Homes?

If you’re thinking about a window replacement project for your home in Southwest Florida, you’ll want to find replacement windows that offer the best value, performance, and aesthetics for your home. Two of the top types of replacement windows you’ll come across in the Southwest Florida area are aluminum windows and vinyl windows. If you’re weighing your options between them, here’s what you need to know to decide if aluminum or vinyl windows are better for your Southwest Florida home.

Important Window Features for Southwest Florida Homeowners

First, it’s important to understand what types of features to look for in your new windows. For Southwest Florida homeowners in particular, there are several important factors you’ll want in your windows. These include:

  • Energy efficiency – With the high heat and humidity we experience through most of the year in Southwest Florida, having energy-efficient windows is a must. Features like multi-pane glass, Low-E glass coatings, premium weatherstripping, and multi-chambered frames are important for reducing thermal transfer and contributing to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home environment.
  • Hurricane resistance – Another important feature for Southwest Florida homeowners to look for in their new windows is hurricane and impact resistance. In many coastal areas of Southwest Florida, hurricane-resistant windows are required to meet current building code standards. However, even in areas of Southwest Florida where they’re not a requirement, hurricane-resistant windows are still a smart choice for protecting your biggest and most important asset—your home.

Vinyl vs. Aluminum Windows for Southwest Florida Homes

You’ll be happy to know that vinyl windows and aluminum windows are both great options for your home and both come in hurricane-resistant, energy-efficient designs. Your choice between the two will therefore come down to personal preference more than anything else. Many homeowners in Southwest Florida prefer vinyl windows because they are virtually maintenance-free, offer reliable durability, and are customizable to suit your aesthetic preferences. However, aluminum windows may be preferred if you’re looking for a strong frame, enhanced security, and a more environmentally friendly option.

Essentially, you can’t go wrong with aluminum windows or vinyl windows for your home in Southwest Florida. It’s more important to choose your window company carefully to ensure you’ll receive top-of-the-line windows from trusted brands, have impact-resistant window options available to you, and can be confident that they’ll be properly installed.

Your Source for Aluminum and Vinyl Windows in Southwest Florida

At Absolute Window & Door, we proudly offer and install both vinyl windows and aluminum windows for homeowners throughout Southwest Florida. Our windows feature the hurricane resistance and energy efficiency you need to enhance and protect your home inside and out. You can rely on our professionals to help you weigh your options so that you can choose the aluminum windows or vinyl windows that will best suit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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