Are Impact Windows Worth the Investment?

Impact windows, also called hurricane windows, are uniquely designed to withstand the high winds and sudden impact that can occur during hurricanes, tropical storms, and other inclement weather. While impact windows aren’t essential for homes in many parts of the country, they are more common in areas like Florida that are at risk of hurricanes and similar weather throughout the better part of the year. However, if you live in Florida or another hurricane-prone area, you may be wondering if these more-expensive windows are worth the investment. Here’s what you need to know about investing in impact-resistant windows for your home.

Hurricane Impact Windows May Be Required

The first thing to know about impact windows is that they may be required by your local building code. While your home may not currently have hurricane windows installed based on building codes at the time of their installation, any window replacement project will need to adhere to current building code standards. In Florida, impact windows are currently required anywhere within a mile of the coastline as well as inland areas that can experience wind speeds of at least 120 mph. If impact windows are required where you live, there’s not much to consider for your window replacement project. However, if you live in an area where they’re optional, it can still be a worthwhile investment to consider for your home.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Florida homeowners can experience a wide range of benefits when they invest in hurricane impact windows. The most obvious benefit is the enhanced protection against hurricanes and other inclement weather. Impact-resistant windows feature a sturdier frame that’s more securely affixed to the home compared with standard replacement windows, helping to prevent the entire window from being ripped for your home in high winds. Impact windows also feature a unique laminated glass design that helps prevent the window from shattering or caving in if wind-swept debris hits the window with extreme force. In addition to this protection, hurricane impact windows can offer the following benefits:

  • Potential discounts from your insurance company for the enhanced protection for your home
  • Tax benefits and home hardening grants available through the state
  • Enhanced energy efficiency to keep your home cool and comfortable when the weather is hot and humid
  • Potentially lower energy bills thanks to the enhanced energy performance
  • Less noise pollution from outside transferring through your windows

Over the long-term, impact windows can offer numerous benefits over traditional windows that make them well worth the investment. From incentives that can help make the upfront cost more affordable to the long-term cost-savings of a more energy-efficient home, impact windows can help pay you back in the long run.

Get Impact Windows for Your Home

If you’re interested in having hurricane impact windows installed on your home in the Southwest Florida area, turn to the professionals at Absolute Window & Door. We proudly offer and install impact-resistant windows for homeowners throughout the region, and we’d be happy to provide you with durable new hurricane windows that meet your needs as well.

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