Do Florida Homes Need Impact-Rated Front Doors?

Living in Florida comes with its own set of challenges regarding the way our homes are constructed. Thanks to near-daily severe thunderstorms during the summer and the ever-constant threat of hurricanes during the Atlantic Hurricane Season, Florida homeowners tend to be hyper-vigilant about preparing for damage to their homes.

Regardless, state rules and regulations for homes in the Sunshine State sometimes require a little more durability. That’s especially the case with doors or any opening in your home.

So, what do you need to know about impact-rated front doors if you’re in the market as a new home builder or trying to replace your old doors? Absolute Window & Door knows plenty about how to manage home improvement in the Florida market, so allow us the opportunity to educate you!

What Does Florida Law Say?

Buying a new door for your home in Florida requires understanding the necessary regulations. According to state law, windows and doors installed on homes must be impact-resistant.

As previously stated, hurricanes and severe thunderstorms that threaten the state can cause tornadoes or high winds to turn any loose material around your home into a volatile projectile. You’ve probably seen a few episodes of Mythbusters to know what happens when a loose 2×4 or wood slat picks up enough speed and power to crash through a window or front door. It’s simple – you don’t want anything to fly through your door or window during a storm.

Tell Me About Impact-Rated Doors

If you’re in the market for a new door, you must know what to look for in terms of materials. Impact-rated doors are designed to withstand severe weather like thunderstorms and hurricanes.

These doors are engineered with more robust materials like steel, reinforced glass, or fiberglass so they can withstand the type of punishment dealt out by severe weather. But it’s not just about impact resistance with these doors. Breaches to your home can cause interior pressurization or structural failure during a storm.

It’s vital to note that these doors undergo rigorous testing to meet certification standards written by the Florida Building Code or local municipal codes.

If you have any questions, speak with your favorite home improvement company or a contractor who lives by and studies these codes for a living.

Standard Doors vs. Impact-Resistant Doors

We shouldn’t have to tell you this, but the difference between a standard door and an impact-resistant one is stark. It may not be apparent on the surface, but impact-resistant doors are built to higher standards to help protect your home against weather and even forced entry.

Although they may be more expensive upfront, their long-term value becomes evident through reduced maintenance and enhanced protection.

Standard doors, while less expensive initially, often lack the resilience needed in hurricane-prone areas like Florida. That means you’ll spend more money to repair them after the storm has passed.

Don’t be fooled, though. Impact-resistant doors offer nearly the same style and color options as standard doors. You’ll never compromise on style for safety again!

What About Installing Impact-Resistant Doors?

Yes, impact-resistant doors do require professional installation. Hiring a professional ensures that your door is installed to code and will require less maintenance. You’ll still need to perform regular maintenance on your door, though, such as annual inspections and cleaning.

An expert installing your impact-resistant door also opens you to extended warranties and guarantees. Trust us: any small amount of extra money you spend on your home for these warranties is worth it in Florida.

Trust Absolute Window and Door for Impact-Resistant Options

When you’re ready for new doors or windows for your home, trust the experts at Absolute Window and Door to deliver. You can protect your home for decades with several impact-resistant door and window options. Ready to learn more? Get in touch with us!

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