How to Prepare Your Windows for Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is a part of life when you choose to live in Florida. However, that doesn’t mean you deserve to live in fear or anxiety. Instead, preparing for the worst ahead of the annual period is always recommended.

From June to November, Florida residents should be mindful of the high possibility that a hurricane or tropical storm can strike seemingly at will. So, what do you do for your windows if a hurricane is getting ready to strike? Absolute Windows and Doors is here to educate and inform you on how to prepare your windows for hurricane season.

What to Know About Hurricanes

The Atlantic Hurricane Season begins annually on June 1 and ends on November 30. For those six months, Florida almost feels like a sitting duck regarding hurricanes. However, hurricanes are more prevalent during the August and September months, which is considered the peak of the hurricane season on the Atlantic Coast.

The National Hurricane Center rates storm types from Category 1 to 5. Each type can carry its own concerns, including heavy rains, high winds, flooding, and even the ability to spawn tornadoes.

Getting your home—and your windows in particular—ready before a hurricane’s potential landfall is crucial to reducing the chances of costly repair work.

Be Prepared

If you’ve watched Disney’s The Lion King over the past few years, then you know one of the songs in the film is called “Be Prepared.” Regardless of the song’s message, the advice in the title is solid. For hurricane season in Florida, it is best to be prepared. So, how do you prepare your windows for potential damage during hurricane season?

1. Assess Your Window Vulnerabilities

A thorough inspection of all your windows will tell you plenty. In this stage, the goal is to check your windows, discover any issues, and ultimately establish a plan to fix them.

Check your window frames for deterioration. Look for broken or cracked panes of glass. Search for any seal troubles that may also cost you money in energy costs.

This process will allow you to understand which windows will need work ahead of what could be a busy hurricane season.

2. Reinforce Window Strength

Understanding the strength of your windows before hurricane season is vital. While not every home can have impact-rated windows, you may want to invest in new windows that can withstand the power and strength of Mother Nature.

Storm shutters can help here, too. A strong storm shutter can shield your windows if the wind picks up and launches a 2×4 at your home.

Of course, there is always the time-tested method of boarding up your windows with plywood before the storm hits if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative.

3. Seal and Waterproof

During the inspection phase, note all the seals around your windowsills. Not only can you be wasting energy by not correctly sealing your windows, but you’re also opening up your house to potential water leaks.

Replace any worn-out weatherstripping quickly, ensuring a tight seal between the window sash and the frame. This will prevent energy loss and provide valuable waterproofing.

Don’t forget about caulking! Use a high-quality exterior caulking product that is designed to withstand weather extremes. Remove old caulking with a utility knife or tool, clean the area thoroughly, and apply a smooth, continuous bead of caulking along the seams and joints.

Stay Informed!

You’ll want to pay attention to your favorite local news stations or newspapers ahead of potential storms. Staying informed will allow you to make informed decisions and prepare your home for damage.

If you need window help before the season begins, contact Absolute Windows and Doors today!

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