Hurricane Season is Almost Here. Are you Ready?

Hurricane season starts on June 1st and now that hurricane season is a only a month away, now is the time to prepare your south Florida home for the upcoming season!

Wind can cause extensive amounts of damage to your home during a hurricane. Depending on the category strength of the hurricane, the wind can be strong enough to knock out or bursts windows. Different pressure levels can cause windows to break or winds can cause objects to become projectiles. The first thing you can do to protect your home is to have hurricane impact resistant windows installed in your home. The strength of the glass and the frame provide safety against winds to a certain speed, projectiles that hurricane winds might cause and also against water intrusion. Hurricane impact resistant windows are specially made and glazed to resist shattering and breaking during pressure and hurricane force winds. In addition to the impact resistant glass itself, the framing that is installed with the window adds strength to the protection, hurricane window frames have reinforcement built into their structure to help withstand the pressure and force of hurricane winds.

At the wind speeds of 110 mph a hurricane starts producing damage to doors. Florida homes with older doors that are not up to code could burst open during a hurricane allowing wind and water to enter the home. The winds coming in through such a large entrance, like a front door, could cause the home to become destabilized quickly and cause damage to the structural integrity of the home. The second step you can take towards preparing your home for Florida tropical weather is installing hurricane impact doors throughout the home. There are hurricane impact doors designed for every opening you have and installing these types of doors will protect your home from hurricane force winds and the risks that accompany tropical weather in Florida.

Impact resistant windows and doors are not only important during hurricane season! They are energy efficient, and will therefore potentially save you money on your monthly electric bill. Insurance companies also view impact windows and doors to be safer during the whole year, so you can qualify for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

At Absolute Window & Door we strive to provide you and your home with the highest quality impact resistant windows and doors. Request a quote today so we can impact you!

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