How to Prepare Your Windows for Hurricane Season

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is a part of life when you choose to live in Florida. However, that doesn’t mean you deserve to live in fear or anxiety. Instead, preparing for the worst ahead of the annual period is always recommended. From June to November, …

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Are Impact Windows Worth the Investment?

Impact windows, also called hurricane windows, are uniquely designed to withstand the high winds and sudden impact that can occur during hurricanes, tropical storms, and other inclement weather. While impact windows aren’t essential for homes in many parts of the country, they are more common …

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The Benefit of Energy-Efficient Windows in Florida

If you’ve been thinking about a window replacement project for your Florida home, you may be wondering if energy-efficient windows are worth the investment. At Absolute Window & Door, we’ve installed countless energy-efficient windows for homeowners throughout Florida, and we can say with confidence that …

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2018 Hurricane Preparedness

The 2017 hurricane season showed Floridians that there is no time to be complacent about the risk of a hurricane impacting you or your family. Irma, although weakened at landfall, affected many areas of southwest Florida including the Sarasota area. It is important to remember …

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Warmer Temperatures Are on Their Way!

As we approach the summer, it becomes more important to think about effective ways of conserving energy. Most Florida residents notice a considerable hike in their power bill during the spring and summer months. So how can you control these costs and make your home …

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Hurricane Irma – Were You Ready?

Hurricane season is officially over, but this 2017 season brought Hurricane Irma to the Florida Suncoast and many Southwest Florida residents were deeply impacted by this powerful storm. The question to ask now is, were you prepared for this caliber of a storm? At Absolute …

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Hurricane Season is Almost Here. Are you Ready?

Hurricane season starts on June 1st and now that hurricane season is a only a month away, now is the time to prepare your south Florida home for the upcoming season! Wind can cause extensive amounts of damage to your home during a hurricane. Depending …

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Is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

Now is the time to truly assess the condition of your home. Get outside and do an objective walk around to see what stage your windows are in. The windows in your home allow you to see the outdoors with perfect clarity. If your windows …

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Impact Windows and Doors

We all like to have our homes presentable and up to date and adding stylish impact windows and doors does exactly this for your home. Just by up dating your windows and doors you will increase curb appeal, enhance safety and security, improve heating and …

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